Random Weekly Update

I’m not much good at doing weekly updates, but felt like one today. I have not gotten much writing down this week – about 2800 words, all told – which is lousy by my current standards, but I did manage to at least edit my first two chapters for SotI and barf up a 3 page synopsis. (Special thanks and hugs to Jeffe, Kendris, AK, La-Tessa and JET for being my sounding board the last few weeks. I’m sure I drove you all crazy but it is sooo very much appreciated! And all those lovely people on Facebook for giving me encouragement too.)

The point behind the editing was to prep up for a contest entry. I’m not really all that fond of contests, but I thought it might be good practice as far as synopsis writing goes. I know I need to learn the finer points of that, and figured doing a few contests might help. That way when I’m ready to send it out for consideration I’ll hopefully have a better idea of what I’m doing. 🙂 If I manage to final in one, so much the better, though it’s not really a requirement.

I also managed to crank out a few renders the last few days, mostly banner fodder for the new FF&P website (which has not been released yet), as well as redoing the logo for the site. I’m not particularly good at banners I don’t think – or at least not the ones with such tiny amounts of space. I want to show it all! But I will do the best that I can. I’ll be throwing the renders up on my DA site in the next day or so, along with a commission for Jeffe (completed last month but just never managed to put it up).

Otherwise, it’s back to the writing grindstone for me this week. I’m feeling better about it on the whole, especially with getting the synopsis written up – certain things seem to have fallen into place and I really feel like I can make it work.

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