Mini Plot Rant

Ha ha ha – figures – I write about plotting vs pantstering and my muse comes back and decides to bite me in the ass. I’ve been cruising along ok until now and the plot has taken a twist that I didn’t expect. The scene I’m writing now was supposed to be a minor plot point – only it’s completely taken over the chapter – which is ok, but not really what I had in mind. I’ve got characters coming in from all over the place, many of which are not being very consistent to how they were in earlier chapters. So then I have to wonder, am I trying to force this thing to happen and the characters are fighting me on it? Or is it that *I’m* the one fighting it? Either way, it sucks. I only wrote 334 words last night before I gave up in disgust. I’m very tempted to just wipe out the entire chapter and start over. It will kill my word count for this week, but honestly if it’s sucking so badly, who cares?

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