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Strong Women in UF

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I’m over at SF Signal’s Mind Meld today, weighing in on the whole “strong women in UF” trope that is fairly prevalent in much of today’s UF books. Heh – it’s actually sort of funny, because when I set out to write A Brush of Darkness, I deliberately tried to avoid the whole “kick-ass lady in leather” concept – which is why Abby isn’t a slayer of any sort and why she’s so physically damaged. Not that there’s anything wrong with the books that have kick-ass ladies in them – I’d just read so many of those book recently that I didn’t really want to write one, if that makes any sense. As to the picture? That’s a shot of my piggy bank from when I was a child. With my dad selling the old house, I’ve now got a plethora of Really Old Stuff hanging around my house (which I will… Read more