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Packing Madness & Informal Title Contest

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No. Actually, I’m NOT done packing. Yes. I *am* freaking out. Most of the stuff is laid out and ready to go though – I just need to get things in place.  (And grrr – my new video card appears to have crapped the bed. Always, always things just fall apart as soon as I’m trying to get ready to leave.) But in the meantime, I’ve been asked to come up with some title suggestion for BoD 2, and most likely the series name. Now, I’m going to be brainstorming on the plane tomorrow, but I thought I’d open this up to suggestions.  My favorite gets an ARC of book 2, whenever it comes out, as a prize. (I can’t guarantee it will actually *be* the title – publisher gets the last word on that, but I always like to hear other opinions.) As a side note, Comb of Darkness… Read more