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Word Whore Thursday

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I’ve actually pulled in another guest poster for my normal weekly Word Whore blog. (And there will be another one next week as well.) I was lamenting that fact a bit last night because this week’s topic was foreign TV shows and I would have loved to talk about anime…but the deadline continues to loom and I have to streamline my time. (And I totally screwed up this weekend – I was supposed to have done my monthly League of Reluctant Adults post on Saturday and completely forgot.) Anyway, in the meantime, have a shiny – this is a sketchcard done by Aimo for the winner of the sketchcard contest Jeffe held for me on her blog during A Sliver of Shadow’s release week. (Such pretty colors!!) (There’s another shiny coming, but I can’t post it yet because the person doesn’t know about it. Ha ha.)  … Read more