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Off and On

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Guess I’m officially taking off for the week, more or less. I can’t promise any blogging about the conference as it happens, though I’ll certainly try to take pictures. (I always say that…and then I almost never take any. Weird.) But tonight it’s packing and getting things together and then tomorrow I’ll hit the road. It’s going to be a busy couple of days, not only because of the con, but I got hit with the deadline for my story in the Womanthology issue yesterday. Script is due…Friday. So I have to fit that in around everything else. Hell, this whole month is like that – I’m working on polishing my short story. I have a proposal to write. I have other projects to do and a few websites to develop. In short? Booked solid for the rest of this month. It’s actually kinda crazy. *breathes deep* But first things… Read more