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Authors Against Bullying: I Have No Fucks Left To Give

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So today is Authors Against Bullying day. Which I forgot to sign up for – though Jess Haines was nice enough to send me an email about it – it just got lost in the NYCC craziness. There’s a whole blog hop going on which I’m not a part of – you can check it out here. That being said, I suppose I’m going to just post my own thing here. Understand that it’s going to be somewhat ranty. I have a lot of anger still.  I’ve debated using real names – in the past, I’ve never mentioned who these people are, but I can’t decide if that’s the way to go or not. I mean, why should I protect anyone at this point? (But hey, I’m in the public eye a bit more, and nothing is worse than a batshit crazy author, so perhaps real first name, last initial… Read more