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Doing What We Do

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It’s always interesting coming back from a con. There’s the usual physical exhaustion – eating and drinking in excess, staying up too late, socializing, panels, etc, etc. (I did no dancing this time, alas. I’d forgotten some of my meds for my back and I was already super stiff by the 3rd day. Dancing would have crippled me completely.) But as to the rest of it? Yes, I had a good time. It always takes me a day or so to get into “con” mode – my first panel is nearly always a bit of a stressful thing for me – same way this time. I think I came across as a bit stiff, but once I manage to settle in, the rest of them go okay.  (AAD is a bit different than other cons because there aren’t assigned moderators – this can be good, but it can also be… Read more