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Monday Updates….mmmkay?

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I’m in training all week for my “real life” job, so my internet socialization is probably going to be a bit sparse as a result – and that probably includes blogging for some of this week (unless people want blog posts about Exchange  Server 2010. Which I highly doubt.). I suspect my NaNo attempt has been completely derailed at this point as well – I’m in class all week this week and also at the end of the month – between that and the book release/con stuff/blog tour stuff? I’m pretty tapped out. I *am* still writing daily, just not as much as I should be for NaNo. Ah, well. Anyway, I’ll just throw up some fun stuff today – first off, the picture here is a fab design by Aimo – it’s up on Threaded and we’d love it if you could go vote for it! (It could end… Read more