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Blogging Plans Awry

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I had all these plans today to write up a post about character development and what aspects help to create a compelling character, but real life seems to have waylaid me. For one, I ended up spending a few hours at the vet with Tumbleweed today (lovely shot there for you.) Think she’ll be okay, but I gotta watch her for the next few weeks and make sure she gets her meds and then we’ll see. (It’s nothing major, but she just seems to be walking funny and a bit off her feed.) For the other, it’s Connor’s birthday today and I’ve got a whole bunch of family type things to arrange and do, so that’s cut into my blogging time. Once I get these first pass pages in next week I’ll have a little bit of a breather, but otherwise I suspect I’ll be rather scare on the interwebs… Read more

Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop Part 2! Now Open!

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Welcome to my official blog post for the Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop! Be sure to visit all the the bloggers on the hop via the link above for a chance to win some great prizes, as well as a chance at the grand prize – a Nook, pre-loaded with books! (Including a copy of A Brush of Darkness!) Now…what am I giving away? A lovely bunch of swag, including signed cover flats, trading cards, bookmarks, a limited edition Brush of Darkness Christmas card…and a stuffed hedgehog. Why a hedgehog? Because I own one…and as you can see, she is the source of all my writing muse, from her prickly outside to her squishy inside to her little chocolate chip nose.  Like my brain, she tends to run all night even when I’d prefer her to sleep. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment telling me what… Read more