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Word Whore ~ Fox and Willow Thursday

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Just a quick update post here – I’m nicely entrenched in my copy edits for  A Trace of Moonlight and should have those back to the editor next week. It’s getting rather surreal, honestly – I’m almost done. After the first-pass-pages, that’s it. My contract will be over and then it’s on to trying to sell the next big thing. Whatever that is. Guess I’ll find out, eh? In the meantime – this week is all about self-publishing over at Word Whores, so I’ve got a few things to mention there today, but definitely check out some of the other posts – there’s some really great information about it and it’s worth seeing the experiences of other writers. And of course, Fox & Willow has an update, so definitely check that out as well. 🙂… Read more

Updates and Ramblings

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Just a little note to mention that I’m going to be at the Baltimore Book Festival on September 24 (the Saturday). I’m still working on the details of my schedule since I’m there as part of the SFWA and the Maryland RWA chapter and I’m trying to make sure I don’t get double booked. I’ll be on at least one panel and I’m doing a reading for sure, but I’ll post the times when I know everything. Otherwise, I’m taking a little break from the blogosphere this upcoming weekend (I’ll throw up the man candy tomorrow night, though.) Partially because it’s a 3 day weekend and partially because I’m going to be fairly focused on the copy edits for A Sliver of Shadow. They’re electronic this time around, so it will be a little different. I might just print it out anyway. There’s something about having a hard copy to… Read more

Copy…Edit…Repeat as Necessary

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I clutched at the necklace, feeling the Key spark beneath my fingertips. I willed it to open, the balloon effect softer, the magic seeming to slip through my hands as I tried to focus where I wanted to go. “Do you have it?” Ion grunted, worrying at the arrow shaft in his leg. “He can’t hold them off for much longer.” “It’s not the fucking TARDIS ,” I snapped, blinking against the power. *** Copy edits for A Sliver of Shadow came in today – it’s a bit bittersweet, actually. On one hand, the book is that much closer to coming out and that is exciting. On the other, there’s a little bit of dread involved. Some of the copyedits are obvious and easy – typos or the fact that my characters seem to “snort” a lot. *snip snip* and we’re all done. Others require a little more thought and sometimes… Read more