It’s just an extra pound…isn’t it?

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I’ve been a bit lax on weighing myself the last while. I went on WW last year and lost a total of 28 pounds, a few pounds shy of my “goal weight.” I actually felt a little *too* thin there, so I’ve been maintaining anywhere between 127 to 130 and I’ve been pretty happy with that. However, I think I’ve gotten a little lazy – definitely eating more, not paying attention to the scale, convincing myself that ignorance really is bliss. Today I weighed about 131. 131.4, to be exact. Ok, so it’s not even remotely the end of the world. My pants still fit fine, I’m not “feeling fat”, but I have to wonder – is this how it all starts? Sure, it’s an extra pound or two and I can live with that, but what about a few weeks from now, or a few months from now? Will… Read more