Words That Bite You in the Ass

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I’ve had a slew of blog interview requests come in over the last few weeks (and I’m hoping to get to a number of them soon.) Some of them asked for a press kit, which I don’t have yet. (But hey, turns out I get publicist, courtesy of Pocket, so in the next few weeks that very well may change.) In the meantime, I’ve been looking over the questions  – and it’s great to see the range of them. Several of the interviewers do read my blog and they’ve tailored the questions to various important things like Hello Kitty and man-candy and David Garrett. I’m rather touched by this. There are serious questions, too, of course – and one of them specifically asked if I ever regretted writing a review on a book, now that I’m also an author. And the answer to that is yes. In fact, I’ve gone… Read more