iPod Blues

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Not that I’m obsessive or anything. Friday night, my iPod Classic bit the big one. 120 gigs of glorious music reduced to nothing more than a sad metallic grinding sound as the hard drive within started break down. It’s been breaking down for a while, actually – skipping songs here and there, freezing up when I try to forward to something else, etc –  but I’ve been nursing it along for the last six months the best I could. Just about every time I plugged it into iTunes the last few weeks, Windows would freak out and tell me there was some sort of corruption on the drive, but no matter how many times I attempted to scan and fix, it never seemed to work.  Finally, I gave up and tried to restore it, but the sync would get hung up over and over again, which would then cause Windows… Read more

Moody Blues

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Kinda moody tonight. Not sure why – but for fun, here’s a few of the songs I listen to when I’m trying to write and I need something epic: If you think you’ve heard them before, you probably have. X-Ray Dog and Immediate Music are responsible for some of the more readily recognized bits of movie trailer music out there. (And I have tons of the stuff…)… Read more