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Emerging from my self-imposed exile to giggle madly. That is all.… Read more

All Your Base Are Belong to Us.

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Actually, that’s not entirely true. Until my son received a DS for his birthday in July, he pretty much had zero interest in video games. His cousin does have a Wii, but we don’t see them enough for it to have become a regular habit – and because he isn’t really all that familiar with the games, he gets easily frustrated. However, after several months with the DS, he’s become a bit of an expert. Sort of. (Though there is a good deal of getting us up out of bed in the wee hours so we can “just help me with this one mission, mom.”) He’s definitely showing some signs of early obsession with the device. Only advantage? Works awesome when I need to punish him for something – or even the threat of doing so. On one hand, he comes by it honestly. After all, I cut my gaming… Read more