Crap Cartoon of the Day

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It’s not much fun hanging at home with a sick kid. Connor’s been running a steady temp since yesterday (and it’s already starting to creep up again, so I suspect we’ll be home again tomorrow.) However, one of the “perks” of being home with him is the constant drone of the TV. And when he’s that miserable, I don’t mind if he wants to play XBox until his brains fall out. (Hell, if it’s Lego StarWars or Harry Potter, I’m all over it.) Usually, though, it’s a steady stream of Spongebob, Transformers, Star Wars and whatever the movie of the week is. (How to Train Your Dragon is on heavy rotation at the moment.) This afternoon, though, we managed to catch a few utterly craptastic episodes of Z Evo 3, or whatever it is. The fact that it’s really nothing more than a big commercial for Sketchers should have been… Read more