Comic Book WTFkery

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Frankly, this wins at the internets. Incidentally, if it seems as though I’m slacking off on the blogging a bit…yeah, I am. I’ve got things I want to write and say and sometimes it’s about timing. There’s a little bit of me trying to give myself permission to relax and avoid some of the self-induced pressures I tend to fluctuate under – which includes less time on the internet and more time just doing my own thing. (No thanks to Darchala for sucking me into Orcs Must Die! btw. >_<) And sometimes it’s about things irritating the living piss out of me to the point where I can’t actually form a cognitive sentence about it. Like this lovely post today. (ETA – Looks like the original poster deleted his blog post. How ironic.) Which is specifically about the cover of this new comic book (called Saga).  This is the cover:… Read more

On Comics

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Sort of a continuation from the Shoujo post from a few days ago. The thing of it is, I don’t actually read real comics all that much. I do have a few graphic novels, including The Crow, Sandman and a few odd Elfquests kicking around (but honestly the more recent ones really kind of blow from an artistic standpoint and totally turned me off so I stopped buying them). But I have to say I’m rather happy with the Buffy ones. As a general continuation of the Buffy story, I find it awesome that Whedon is doing them – and his writing really shows through. They managed to capture a lot of the same sort of snark from the show and best of all? It’s *canon*.   That means it counts. Instead of having the characters waste away in the land of crap fanfiction, the creator moved forward. No actors,… Read more