Cover Girl

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Yes, I adore Elvgren pin ups. They’re saucy and sorta racy, and yet they still seem to have rather fun sort of innocence about them that you don’t see in a lot of today’s images. Classy smut, maybe. I still dig it, either way. Don’t think I’ll be seeing anything like this on my cover, though. Danielle and I have been going over possibilities.  It’s about what I thought, though – we can make suggestions and I can say what I’d *like* to see on the front, but the truth of the matter is that it’s really up to the sales & marketing department of Pocket Books. Thus far I’ve sent her character descriptions and links to renders and fan art, mostly to give a sense of how I envision the characters, and we’ve looked at other Urban Fantasy covers out there. There’s a rather large prevalence of  UF heroines strutting about… Read more

I Can Haz Title

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Well, it’s official: Book 1 has a real title now: A Brush of Darkness. I’ll admit it’s a little sad to have to retire “Shadow of the Incubus”, but I understand the marketing reasons behind it. Plus the new title is full of win. I love it. 🙂 That being said, those of you who happily participated in the title ideas blog post sort-of contest will all get a free copy once it comes out. (Assuming you want one and you get a hold of me with an address.) KAK – you’re getting something a little extra special, just for coming up with the win that is Bacon Pants. Hook up with me offline (or Facebook). 🙂… Read more