Cover Girl

Yes, I adore Elvgren pin ups. They’re saucy and sorta racy, and yet they still seem to have rather fun sort of innocence about them that you don’t see in a lot of today’s images. Classy smut, maybe. I still dig it, either way.

Don’t think I’ll be seeing anything like this on my cover, though. Danielle and I have been going over possibilities.  It’s about what I thought, though – we can make suggestions and I can say what I’d *like* to see on the front, but the truth of the matter is that it’s really up to the sales & marketing department of Pocket Books.

Thus far I’ve sent her character descriptions and links to renders and fan art, mostly to give a sense of how I envision the characters, and we’ve looked at other Urban Fantasy covers out there.

There’s a rather large prevalence of  UF heroines strutting about in leather pants with tramp stamps, so there’s probably a good chance I’ll end up with something similar. (Although, we’re doing our damnedest to see if we can’t get Phin put on there *somewhere*).

Personally, I’m leaning to more of a painted cover, as opposed to photo. (Like the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. *LOVE* those covers). I feel like there’s more flexibility to be had with painted art – it’s easier to get some of the more fantasy elements of the book into place – like small unicorns – for example. It might be a bit more old school, but since I mostly read nothing but high fantasy type stuff growing up, it’s what I’m most familiar with. The “slayer” type covers didn’t really seem to come into vogue until the UF scene exploded – and between LKH and Buffy, that sort of image seems to be the standard. (Well, that and the paint-roller abs of scruffy, half naked men in trench coats carrying swords/guns/throwing stars/insert-your-phallic-symbol-of-choice-here…. But since this isn’t technically a romance book anymore, I’m thinking that won’t be an issue.)

(Though I had to point out that Abby shouldn’t be holding a weapon of any sort. She’s like an anti-slayer.There’s no guns or machetes to be had anywhere. Pencils or chopsticks in the hair, yes. Lara Croft, she isn’t.)

Overall, the process is making me a bit giddy. Even if I don’t really get a final say, at least they’re asking, and that’s pretty cool too. 🙂

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