Word-Whore Thursday: What’s In a Name?

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I’m over at Word Whores today, as per usual for my Thursday post.  (All about names today.) And speaking of names, it is that time again – third book title time. I’ve still got my list from the last time we did this, so I’m working off that one and trying to come up with some new ones as well. Hard to find something that 1) Makes sense and 2) Rolls of the tongue. *goes back to brainstorming*… Read more

I Can Haz Title

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Well, it’s official: Book 1 has a real title now: A Brush of Darkness. I’ll admit it’s a little sad to have to retire “Shadow of the Incubus”, but I understand the marketing reasons behind it. Plus the new title is full of win. I love it. 🙂 That being said, those of you who happily participated in the title ideas blog post sort-of contest will all get a free copy once it comes out. (Assuming you want one and you get a hold of me with an address.) KAK – you’re getting something a little extra special, just for coming up with the win that is Bacon Pants. Hook up with me offline (or Facebook). 🙂… Read more