Chin Up

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I had a different post planned for today. Something writerly, I suppose, but it got a taken off the rails part way through the day. Today was Lucy’s birthday, and even though I had plans to do some baking and shopping and all that fun stuff, things got ugly when she fell off swing set at school and split her chin open. (Seriously, it’s REALLY ugly. Took 3 stitches to close. Which doesn’t sound like much, but she turned 5 today. She’s got a tiny chin.) Anyway, that aside, I was a bit of a wreck, even though in the grand scheme of things it’s not that big a deal. And so, I have made my darling girl her requested strawberry cake. And plied her with gifts of Hello Kitty and My Little Pony. And a stuffed hedgehog, who she so aptly named “Justin Beaver.” And afterwards? Why, yes, I… Read more

Happy Birthday to Me

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Lovely wishes from my DG-fangirl friend Renee came in the mail on Saturday. Yes it’s a button. No I’m not actually wearing it in the office, but I did post it up in my cube. It’s raised a few eyebrows. *ahem* Anyway, birthdays are always odd days for me so I don’t think on them much when they’re here – especially since I’m not doing much to celebrate it today. (Car shopping notwithstanding – think I’ll be making a purchase today, but that’s less of a Birthday thing than pure necessity.) Tomorrow I”ll be doing a nice dinner with mr myn over at The Melting Pot, because I adore fondue. And I’ll probably make a cake tonight with the kids, but otherwise? Low key, all the way.… Read more

Happy Birthday to Me.

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Just a quick note to say how completely overwhelmed I am by all the awesome notes on Twitter and Facebook. You all rock and I’m so terribly, terribly grateful. That being said, I completely suck at baking, apparently. Or maybe it’s something else. mr myn was supposed to work today. Note I said *supposed to.* Note that he is currently not at work. You may infer from that what you will. 1) mr myn ran to the store this morning. Bought cake mix. I made said cake. It baked. It was lovely. Cake completely crumpled out of the Bundt pan after cooling and became a big hot mess. 2) mr myn ran back out to the store. Bought more mix. Bought Baker’s Joy for inside of Bundt pan. Bought a different brand of cake which required less butter and water. Which I did not read. Cake did not make it… Read more

Happy Birthday to Me…

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‘Nuff said. Truthfully, I’ve been more of a Vampire Bill fan on the show. I felt like I was suppose to dig Eric, but I just couldn’t get into him. Maybe it was the long hair from the first season, but hellloooo hotness! Last episode had him crying blood for his maker, Godric. I’m a sucker for watching the hard guys break down. Hooked! And on an awesome note, Tru Blood is now a real drink! –>… Read more