Happy Birthday to Me.

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Just a quick note to say how completely overwhelmed I am by all the awesome notes on Twitter and Facebook. You all rock and I’m so terribly, terribly grateful. That being said, I completely suck at baking, apparently. Or maybe it’s something else. mr myn was supposed to work today. Note I said *supposed to.* Note that he is currently not at work. You may infer from that what you will. 1) mr myn ran to the store this morning. Bought cake mix. I made said cake. It baked. It was lovely. Cake completely crumpled out of the Bundt pan after cooling and became a big hot mess. 2) mr myn ran back out to the store. Bought more mix. Bought Baker’s Joy for inside of Bundt pan. Bought a different brand of cake which required less butter and water. Which I did not read. Cake did not make it… Read more