beyondJust a quick post to make note to any comics peeps about the upcoming Beyond Anthology (which is taking pitches until December 15, so there’s still plenty of time.)

Submission guidelines are here.

It’s a really important and timely topic and given the SFF bent required for submissions, it’s definitely something I want to see happen. (Plus there is a really wonderful line-up of authors and artists already on board. I think it’s going to be great.)

Aimo and I are going to pitch something for sure – we have the idea hammered out, so I just need to put it into a “proper” sort of comic format. (And attempt to rein myself in to the max of 16 pages. Hopefully it will be shorter than that, but I have a hard time keeping things from exploding.) If it doesn’t make the cut, we’ll write it anyway because we really like the concept. 🙂

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