Little Headaches

So yesterday’s post got waylaid in several hours of me sitting in traffic on my way to the dentist. Because it was raining. And when it rains, people in the DC area freak out and forget how to drive. So my 20 minute commute to the dentist took me nearly 2 hours. (15 miles, btw.)

And I had lost all my blog-writing mojo by the time I got back. At least as far as not turning the post into a massive rant about how much DC drivers suck. (“The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Guess I better drive AS SLOW AS POSSIBLE. IN CASE I ROLL OVER IN THIS MYSTERIOUS WET LIQUID THAT I’VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE!”)


No, I’m not bitter or anything.

I *am* a bit grumpy because I think I’m going through a little withdrawal on some of those painkillers I’ve been taking. It’s a fine line because hey, they really work – one of the few meds I’ve taken that really does seem to cut the pain. But…that euphoria-happy-joy-joy feeling is a little *too* nice.  (And no, I don’t take it every day or anything like that. As romantic as the “drug-addled-writer trope” is, I don’t really have any desire to emulate it. )

But I have noticed an increased desire on my part to look for an excuse to take it.

So. Yeah.

Gotta stop that and only save it in dire emergencies or something. Sucks, because I was actually enjoying not hurting so much for a while.  (But I start my IV therapy tomorrow, so here’s hoping that does something to help.)

Also, as a heads up for people who read the blog via email or RSS feed – Feedburner looks like it’s gonna get its plug yanked here shortly. I’m going to do my best to try to get that sorted out before it disappears for good, and hopefully painlessly for readers. Just wanted to mention it in case you somehow get unsubscribed and were wondering why. (Not doing anything today, but just throwing it out there so you’re aware.) Total pain in the ass to have to do since nearly all my websites are tied into the Feedburner service in some way and I’m probably going to have to move into a pay service to get the stats I want.

Such is life.

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