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Okay, so I’m posting a slightly reduced version of my Trace of Moonlight blog tour  schedule. (It’s a bit early, I realize, but I’m getting emails about it. Easier to just post it all here.)

Basically, if you’re not on it and you really want to do a post/interview/review, you can contact me and let me know what you’d like to do and if I can fit it in, I will try.

I can’t make promises, though – October is going to be a massively busy month with multiple cons and the book release. (And please contact me through the form – if you hit me up on Twitter or Facebook, I’ll probably agree to something and then totally forget.)

Also, I’m trying to cut back on the number of guest posts I’m doing. If you want one, I’m just going to ask that you give me a subject if you can – it makes my life so much easier! 😀


(There may be some additional events added later, particularly around the release date, but for now this is what I’ve got)

October 16-November 14

October 16 Interview

October 16 Review
Place of Reads book blog

October 17 Guest blog and review
The Book Nympho

October 18 Guest blog
Urban Fantasy Investigations

October 18 Promo and review
Confessions from Romaholics:

October 19 Interview

October 20 Promo and review
Bitten By Love Reviews

October 21 Review
Sky Rose Reviews –

Main Page

October 22 Interview and review
Urban Girl Reader –

October 23 Interview
Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews

Oct 23 Review

October 24 Review
Between Dreams and Reality:

October 25 Guest blog
Ramblings From This Chick

October 26 Promo and review
Mama Knows Books

October 27 Promo
Cabin Goddess

October 27 Promo and review
Gizmos Reviews

October 29 Guest blog and review
Tynga’s Reviews

October 31 Interview and review
Fangs, Wands & Fairydust and Winged Effigy

November 1 Interview
Juniper Grove

November 1 Promo
My Miscellaneous Bookshelf.

November 2 Interview
Books & Other Spells.

November 2 Promo
Bookin’ It Reviews ~

November 3 Promo and review
Snowdrop Dreams of Books

November 4 Interview
Simply Infatuated

November 4 review
LilyElement Book Reviews

November 5 Promo
Mimmi’s Musings

November 5 Promo and review
Booked & Loaded

November 6 promo

November 7 Promo
V’s Book Life

November 7 Review
A Bibliophile’s Thoughts on Books

November 8 Interview

November 9 Interview and review
The Reading Diaries

November 10 Interview and review
Never Judge a Book by its Cover

November 11 Interview
Under the Covers Blog

November 11 review
Book Briefs

November 12 Promo and review
Starry night book reviews

November 13 Review
Butterfly-o-Meter Books

November 14 Interview and review
The Speculative Salon:

November 14 Promo and review
On the Broomstick

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