Friday Morning WTFkry

Yeah, I figure it’s time for something *really* funky today.

So, this is called The Little Rooster.

And it’s an alarm clock. For the vagina.

Yes. Just set it, toss it in your underwear and wake up to your very own snorgasm.

What makes the Little Rooster really special is that delicious semi-conscious state when you’re not yet quite awake. Other alarms tear those precious moments from you. The Little Rooster not only lets you savour them, it makes them even dreamier. Whether you leap straight out of bed or let it run its lazy course, no other clock will wake you with this joyful secret thrill.

*nods sagely*

Well, alrighty then. Though, I do like how it tells you how you can wear it anywhere. (But don’t turn it on for takesoffs and landings, yo.)

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