Happy Release Day

Throwing a shout-out there to the lovely Jeffe Kennedy and a resounding congrats for the release of Sapphire!

It’s available at Carina Press, Amazon and All Romance eBooks, so go snag a copy today!

A successful executive, M. Taylor Hamilton is on track with her ten-year plan. Too bad her personal life consists of hitting the gym and grocery shopping. Enter the seductive Adam Kirliss. They may have a working relationship, but everything changes at an office party when he handcuffs her to the rail of a yacht. 

 Taylor writes off the adventure as too much champagne, but when Adam challenges her to a date, she agrees to meet up with him. And follow his rules. They share a night of exquisite intimacy, brimming with both pain and pleasure. But afterward, fearful of losing her heart, Taylor pulls back emotionally. 

 Adam is determined to prove that she longs for the loss of control he can give her—and the passionate release it provides. How can he make her see that he wants her, and not just her body?

Edit to add: There’s a contest over at Word-Whores today to win a free copy – so run over there and leave a comment!

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