Friday Night WTFkry: The Haunted Vagina Edition

Yeah, you heard me.

Haunted VAGINAS.

It’s just been that kind of day, I guess.

So…I know it’s near Halloween and all, but I’m really not sure what the deal is with this particular trend, but it sorta boggles my mind that the concept has actually led to at least two variations of it in the last few weeks.

Up first is the latest issue of Tarot:Witch of the Black Rose…which apparently involves some sort of zombie nurse chicks on the look-out for the owners of their body parts (which were given to others after they all died in a terrible accident.). One of these is, in fact, a vagina. Nurse zombie *really* wants it back.

And I’m just going to let THIS article give you the rest of the scoop on that, because…yeah. It’s really damned nasty.

We’ve also got a book, entitled, amazingly enough: The Haunted Vagina.  (Which apparently came out in 2006, but, still. Haunted VAGINAS people.)

From the editorial review:

In Carlton Mellick III’s fourteenth bizarro novel, The Haunted Vagina, the reader is presented with another Mellickian mind-bending concept–what if your girlfriend’s vagina was a gateway to another world? We are introduced to Steve and his girlfriend Stacy, whose “haunted” vagina is a problem for their sex life. When a skeleton-like creature emerges from Stacy’s vagina, the two decide to explore what may be inside of her.

Well, alrighty then. Reader reviews are actually pretty good, so I may go ahead and pick this one up. Just remind me to invest in a good exorcist beforehand…

Thanks to @acetachyon for the heads up on Tarot!

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