Edits in the Red


So aside from the fact that I woke up with a really wretched sore throat (one I’ve been fighting off for the last few weeks but seemed to have succumbed to, finally.), I have to admit it was a fairly productive long weekend.

Sure, I still owe people some blogs posts and a few write ups…but, my copy edits? Hells yeah.

I’ve got about 100 pages to go, but I did manage to crank through 250 the last few days. Apparently, my characters snort a lot. Or they did. Not so much at this point. I think I’m going to have to go and do a hard core search for “toward” as well. Reading it as a whole, there seems to be an awful lot of “he turned toward x” or “she moved toward y”.  Most of those are probably unnecessary.

In fact, the easy solution (for me, anyway) is to just delete most of the issues that are there. I have too many dialogue tag issues – he retorted, she pointed out, etc. I think that’s just the way that I write, but that doesn’t mean they should be there. (When in doubt, take it out.)

However, I do have to admit, going between the mostly polished work of SoS and then back to the rough of BoD3, I can really see just how much work I’ve got to do. But, I can also give myself a little bit of a pass. SoS is where it is because I’ve had beta readers and editors and copy-editors all combing over it and giving me their input and recommendations.

The new stuff is raw and unmolded.

As it should be.

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