Lining Up My Ducks

Okay, just as an FYI – the next few weeks are going to be a bit of a mess. I’m going to be completely offline for at least one week (and that includes phone as well – no signal where I’m going.)  And yeah, it always takes me three days or so before I stop feeling like a wolf stuck in a trap trying to gnaw its own foot off. Sad, I know. Internet addiction. I haz it.

I may pre-load my unofficial blog  with man candy off and on, but that sorta depends on how busy I get tomorrow with packing. (And last minute shopping. And getting my nails done. Whee.)  I if I’m not responding to emails or tweets or what have you, that’s why. (And I owe people emails  – I’m trying to get through those as fast as I can before I leave.)

As soon as I get back from vacation, I’ll be hopping a train to NYC for RWA, so I’ll be available but still pretty busy. For those of you going to RWA, I’ll be signing on Tuesday at the Literacy Signing, and also at the smaller one for Pocket Books on that Friday.

AuthorBuzz peeps – I’ve got almost 100 entries so far, and more are continuing to trickle in. I will do the drawing on the 27th and hopefully get the winners’ books mailed out on the same day – I’ll throw in some trading cards as well. 🙂

Think that about covers it for the moment. No, I’m not done with my edits. Yes, I’ll be working on them poolside aboard ship. At least the view will be nice. 🙂

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