So. Yeah.

I hate packing. *Hate* it. I know I’m going to forget something and as soon as I remember one thing, I drop whatever I’m doing and run off to find it…and then I forget whatever I was originally doing in the first place.

Tonight, however, I cannot find my sock. Not just any sock. My thigh high black and white striped sock to wear with my vampire/steampunk/I don’t have anything else to wear that night costume.

Found one. In my closet from where I left it when I unpacked from RWA over the summer. But the second one? Might as well be in on safari or something for all the luck I’ve had.

I’m taking a little break right now, but I imagine I’ll be back up there in a few and ripping apart the closet for a *third* time tonight. Good news? I found my domo kun shirt. And my MEH shirt, both of which have been missing for a bit. So bonus.

However, I also went bathing suit shopping tonight. >_<

Let’s just say I won’t be lounging pool side this week and leave it at that. Getting old sucks. (So does gaining 10 pounds. Bleah.)

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