Friday Ramblings

First thing today is a massively huge squee to my friend Bluenail (aka the Ninja Knitter), who sent me these fabulous hand-made arm socks. (or fingerless wrist-warmers, whichever). They are so soft and pretty and *warm*.

I’ve been begging for a set of these since I’ve known her and now I get to cackle with glee every time I look down at my hands.


So, there we go. Otherwise, I am blogging over Sci Fi Chick today about Brystion and a little bit on romancing an incubus, so feel free to stop on by and ask a few questions if you like.

Oh and for a bit of random amusement, apparently my book was selected by Mark Henry as part of his “Read a book in one day” challenge. He likes my smutty cover, so we’ll see how well that goes.

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