Facet Blocks, Round 2

Not much time today to blog, so I leave you with this awesome video of what a facet joint injection looks like. I had three of them today (same as about two weeks ago – worked well, but wore off a few days ago. Vicodin has been helpful in offsetting some of the resulting pain, but I really hate taking it.)

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5 Responses to Facet Blocks, Round 2

  1. KAK says:

    Aw, aww, my eyes, my eyes! The images of a big frakkin' needles jabbing flesh is forever burned into my corneas!

  2. Danica says:

    Okay…I think I have a pretty strong stomach. I can handle tattoos, getting a shot, piercings…but something about this little video clip had my stomach churning…I feel a bit green now. I just keep seeing that needle moving left and right and round and round…*groans*

  3. mynfel says:

    Yeah. Imagine how awesome it was for me to feel the tip of those needles grinding into my spine. 


    Good news is that it's worth it – numbs it up nicely for a few weeks, anyway.

  4. mynfel says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  I'm so glad this thing lets you upload pictures.


  5. KL Grady says:

    Oh. Oh my. I can only imagine.

    I had an intern anesthesilogist poking around my back for a freaking hour when I had an epidural. I know the scraping and crunching feeling. *urp* To get this multiple times? Yeesh, woman. Yeesh. You're pretty damn incredible.

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