Stealth Perk

I’ve probably only mentioned a few hundred times now that I’m not overly fond of getting my picture taken. Mr myn has taken to trying to catch me unawares. Ninja Photography, maybe.

You can see I caught him at the last moment there. I look decidedly unperky, but I assure you I wasn’t nearly as grumpy as it probably seems. (Although maybe part of that was because mr myn kept referring to me as “Jennifer Love Geekit.” He likes the hair. He hates my Crackberry addiction.)

This was taken Wednesday night just before the concert. Unfortunately none of the actual concert pictures turned out very well, but the venue was just gorgeous, and we hung outside for about 40 minutes before the show started, soaking in the sunset and the spring air.

See? Look? I can sorta smile –>



Though I seem to have gotten Charlie’s Angels kinda hair in the mean time.

And so help me, I’ve actually gone out and bought a curling iron. And hair spray. And maybe I’ll actually master the art of looking like a grown up.

Or maybe not.

I’m actually going to be very busy in the next few weeks. My deadline has been pushed up by several weeks, and it looks like the book is going to be released in February now. So what this means is that when I get home from work, there isn’t going to be anymore Facebook/Twitter/Blogging/WoW/, for quite a while. I have a number of side projects that I’m going to try to finish up this weekend – including the RWR ad for FF&P’s Gathering, the web page for said Gathering, a flyer for the FF&P party at RT, and an 11×17 poster for Savvy Authors, also for RT. I also managed to sneak in creating a new logo for Crescent Moon Press this week, but that’s not up yet. Good news is that I already have most of the graphical stuff laid out/rendered, so it shouldn’t take me too long to get it all put together.

I’ve also started the gears going for an official author website, although I’m leaving the graphics to someone else this time. I’ve hired one of my personal fav artists to come up with some sketches, although I’ll code the thing once she’s all done. I’m not looking for something slick and professional – just a bit of whimsy, I think. Hopefully it will be fun. 🙂

And can I just toss a big shout-out of thanks to my fellow DG fan-girls? I’ve been getting quite a few emails with some shirtless David Garrett love. You made my weekend, ladies. 😉 I’m saving them up for a rainy day blog in the future, but feel free to keep them coming.

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