I’ve always been rather fond of Brighid. As a Goddess or a Saint, she always had a particular vibe that I dug. Patroness of Healing, Smithwork and Poetry, She is also associated with fire, the hearth and sheep (ewes, specifically), among others.

And I don’t really want to get into a big discussion about all the myths and legends about Her, though if you’re looking for a good site on which to fine more information, certainly  is a good place to start.

Point is, I wore Her medallion for a number of years, after a particularly bad point in my life. I actually became, for lack of a better term, a sort of priestess for one of Her Cells and for one day a month I kept the sacred flame going, lit from a candle from Kildare. (Cill Dara) (Go to for more on that)

These days I no longer feel the need for that much of an outward display, though whether that’s because of  laziness on my part or just a certain acceptance for where I find myself I’m not entirely sure.

Still, today is Her day.

A Brighid,
scars os mo chionn
Do bhrat fionn dom anacal.

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