Houston, We Have An Offer…

…36 hours after being sent out for submission, my book has an offer. I can’t give any details at the moment, as my agent is contacting the other editors who have currently also requested a read, but I shall post them once I’m able. (Probably next week).

Yes, I’m grinning like a total idiot.

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14 Responses to Houston, We Have An Offer…

  1. Elizabeth Darvill says:

    Congrats!! That is FABULOUS news!! I am so happy for you!!

  2. Danica says:

    I'm grinning right along with you! I swear, I feel like I'm the one with the offer, I'm so happy for you! SQUEE!

  3. Dovelily says:

    I've already said it on Twitter, but congratulations! Go party!

  4. writtenwyrdd says:

    That is SO cool!  Best wishes for all this turning into a bidding war!

  5. mynfel says:

    *crosses fingers*

    Here's hoping! 😀

  6. Rex Robot Reviews says:

    I am so excited for you! This is awesomeawesomawesome. CONGRATS!!!

  7. Simon says:


  8. LaTessa says:

    Congrats and grin on lady!

  9. Songlian says:

    Wow! This is fantastic, Myn! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. Hope everything works out the way you wanted and more! Hugs!

  10. Anonymous says:

    HOLY CRAP!!!!  That is so exciting!

  11. bluey says:

    Baby, baby…

    How awesome are you? CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  12. mynfel says:

    Thanks, masked man (or woman). LOL

  13. mynfel says:

    I'm feeling pretty awesome. There are actually nine other editors currently looking at this thing. I feel rather overwhelmed, at the moment. 

  14. Cecile says:

    Congrats to you!!!! Wooohooo, can not wait for the deets!!!!
    ***Happy Dance for you, Happy Dance***

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