Poking Fun (with Love)

Okay, so I got my new David Garrett CD yesterday – and the music is brilliant – nice and classical and I’ve pretty much been listening to it nonstop on the iPod.


I know he was a model. I know he’s full of teh pretty. I know he could play the violin with his toes better than I’ll ever manage to play the piano normally (yeah, yeah – 7 years of lessons and all I got was this lousy T-shirt. I can read music. Sort of.) But seriously, isn’t this just a *little* over the top?

Is it me or is this picture (scanned from the CD leaflet) just *begging* to be Photoshopped into a romance cover?  I mean, really, all I need is some kind of clinch image to superimpose beneath it and the work is pretty much done for me. Although, according to SmartBitches, a few animals going apeshit in the foreground is usually a bonus (you know – swans or horses or kangaroos or something). And a moon. And a big phallic sword.

So, come up with a title and a tagline and I’ll see what I can do, a la Longmire.

Mr myn, in all his male helpfullness suggested “He Fiddled With Her Heart” – though I think that works better as a tagline. I, myself, prefer “Gee, Don’t You Wish You Could See What I’m *Really* Holding With My Right Hand?”. Though, that’s too wordy.

Have at it, my faithful few. 😉

Edited to add:


And about 5 minutes after I posted this it got picked up on DG’s personal forums –> https://davidgarrett.forums.umusic.co.uk/t/670.aspx?PageIndex=5 (I’m down at the bottom).

So now I’m famous. Whee. And hopefully I won’t start getting a ton of hate-emails, ’cause as anyone who knows me knows, I can’t say enough good stuff about the guy. 🙂 You only hurt the ones you love and all that. LOL. In the meantime, suppose I’ll go wander over there and make an account and do some groveling. You know. Just in case. 😉

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9 Responses to Poking Fun (with Love)

  1. Jeffe says:

    Throbbing Strings of Love

    He played with her heart
    She took him to the hairdresser

  2. LaTessa says:

    How about:
    Title:  The Fiddler and the Wench
    Tag:   The Pied Piper ain't got nothing on him

  3. Kendris says:

    I just want a caption that says "Let's see Fabio do THIS."

    Alternatively, I'd go with the title "The Maestro de L'amour", with the tagline, "The strings of her heart were his to play at will."

  4. Sara says:

    LOL I was just about to make a Fabio comment… But someone beat me to it! Will definitely check out the music though – always looking for new stuff! PS how'd you get your comments to be formattable like this?? Very cool. 😉

  5. mynfel says:

    Whee – I pay for the privilege – though Jeffe gets knocked off the blog every time she tries to get onto it, so I'm snot sure it's worth it. Was hoping it would be a little faster too. Not sure I can turn it off now, though. LOL. 

  6. Jeffe says:

    so I have to lurk in semi-anonymously on the cable internet…

  7. LaTessa says:

    Ok Mynfel, I had fun with this one today.  But thanks for introducing me to David Garrett.  I'd never heard of him before I read some of your past posts, and his music rocks.  I really enjoy it.

    Anywho, back to the contest 🙂

  8. KAK says:

    <span>Flight of the Bumble Bee in 1 min 6.56 seconds. Gods, I hope he doesn't finish the important things that quickly. Do you think he gets the bow caught in a nape knot now and then? Does a wavy lock play flat? (ba-da-bump-bump) 
    Erhm, lusty titles. It's hard to beat Jeffe's "Throbbing" but… 
    The Rake's Rosin 
    Bowing to His Needs 
    and…wait for it… 
    Der ErlKonig   
    What? Hey, I'm pretty sure Gothe had this image in mind when he wrote it, minus the vest of course.</span>

  9. mynfel says:

    You now owe me a new keyboard, m'dear. Think I just spit out the last of my Coke all over it.

    The Elf King? Seriously??  *dies*  You get double points just for the German.   😉

    Tho I suspect now that I've been outed on his forum, it will probably be something closer to Ramstein's Du Hast

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