…and We’re Off!

Lots of good things happening, although I have to crank out about 15,000 words for NaNo this week if I’m going to make the final word count. We’ll see what I can do. I was majorly distracted from about last Thursday on (and for good reason, too), so I was lucky if I could manage 1000 words a day. But NaNo is a personal sort of goal, so I’m not going to whine if don’t make it – I’m just over 35,000 words right now as it is, and that’s not bad at all for 3 weeks worth of writing. It will probably be close, though.

I also just sent off my entries for the Golden Heart, though if all the stuff that went down last week had happened earlier I probably wouldn’t have bothered. As it stands though, I’ve already paid my entry fee, so I might as well send in the rest of it. And who knows? I wouldn’t mind adding GH Finalist to my writing resume.

The agent hunt is narrowing down nicely. I’m rather ecstatic that my first choice has offered me a contract, but I’m waiting to see what the others come back with, because, honestly – I have no wish to burn bridges of any sort. And since this is an entirely new experience for me, I want to take the time to do it right – which means giving everyone a fair chance, especially since they’re taking time out of their schedules to read it.

I also went back to see the neurosurgeon on Friday. He’s pretty sure the disc is fine, and that crazy nerve stuff is going to continue to happen off and on the next few months. He did get me signed up for PT, though – so we’ll see what a few extra weeks of muscle pounding will do. Overall, the nerve pain has receded, and I’m just left with some guarding muscles.

Otherwise? I’m feeling like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Jeffe calls it validation, and perhaps it is – or at least a sense the stars are lining up the way I’d like. I’m happy, whatever else you want to call it.

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