A Regrouping of Sorts.

So after a bit of a thinking last night, I’ve decided to try to pull back from things for a week or so. The truth of it is that I’ve just got way too much on my plate to manage it all with whatever amounts to my version of style and grace. I owe two people a crit and someone else a render. I’ve got to get my material ready to send out for the Golden Heart (including a potential synopsis rewrite). I have a pitch tomorrow that still needs working on. I’ve got NaNo starting a week from now. In theory, I’m running for webmaster for FF&P (which thankfully won’t start until the first of the year, I think). I’ve still got my full time job and two kids and all the rest of it. (Yeah, whine, whine, whine – I’m not even going to start in on what my house looks like.)

And I’ve got some major thinking to do about my writing projects. How best to split them up, or if I need to go in a different direction entirely…or if I should just backburner one while I work on the other. When I don’t write, I feel guilty. When I do write, I feel guilty when it looks like crap. Vicious circle, and one of my own making – and none of it is conducive to actually accomplishing anything.

So what does this mean? Not much, really. I’ll still be blogging, but I probably won’t be on the IM much this week (I know, my adoring fans are just heartbroken. LOL). Not to avoid anyone, but just to give myself a little space and maybe a chance to take the pressure off. .

And yes, I do it to myself. I know this.
But it’s who I am.
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