Staples Are OUT!

…and I’m happy enough about that fact that I’m blogging about it.  From the doctor’s office, actually. In truth, it’s my aunt’s doctor – driving still sucks enough that for longer car rides, it’s easier for someone else to be behind the wheel. (I did try, today – had to take the kids to school/daycare, and while it was doable, it’s still very difficult to see behind me.)

There is still some residual pain down the back of my left leg, but doc said that would be there for a little while. They had some difficulty moving the nerve out of the way during the surgery, as the disc issue was apparently chronic. As opposed to acute, which would have been better. My understanding of the situation is that chronic means the issue was there for a while  – i.e. the disc fragment was hard and the nerve was looped over it pretty funky, so the pain now is basically just the nerve just trying to get back to “normal” firing ranges. It’s not the same sort of pain from before, so I’ll take it as a good thing.  I go back to see the surgeon in a few weeks for a last follow up and then I’ll be done. Hopefully they’ll give me a little PT to see me through and get some flexibility back.  There’s a bit of nasty lump factor going on beneath the scar – but I’ve got quite a few absorbing stitches under the skin.  *shudders*

Ok…back to work and more writing and waiting for Aunt to get out of the doctor’s. And then a quick trip to B&N to pick up An Echo in the Bone.  Bring on the Scottish romance!

And, hey – Ta Mo Chleanmhnas Deanta seems to be on the iPod at the moment…not sure I dig the Van Morrison part of it, but I still loves me some Chieftains.

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