So no staple removal today. Apparently there was some redness/drainage at the bottom that concerned the nurse, and while her “gut instinct” was that I’d be fine, she didn’t really want to take that chance. (As in – if we remove them and it’s not healed, you’re going to have to go back to surgery. Um. No. Thanks.)

Rather than take that chance, we’re going to wait until Tuesday. And for good measure, I’m on about 1000 mg of Cefrin. Per day. For 10 days. Whee! (And I’ve already called my other doc and got a nice round of Diflucan ready to go, ’cause this is the same antibiotic they gave me during the surgery last week…and that took about 5 hours before causing the other thing. Just a matter of time, and I’ll be damned if I’m stuck on a Sunday night with no one to call. LOL.)

Otherwise, same old, same old. My gaming rig is currently shitting the bed. Again. One of these days I’ll learn not to mess with it when it’s working. It always starts out so innocently…Hmmm, let’s just update those sound card drivers today…and now I’m waiting for Vista’s Startup Repair to fail repairing whatever did or didn’t get fully installed. *sigh* I’m thinking Windows 7 is looking better and better, but I’ll wait a little longer for it…maybe go for the 64 bit version this time.

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