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Just thought I’d mention today that I am a bit of a pen freak. I love them.  The weirder the better – Hello Kitty, light-up pens, pens with goofy shit hanging off of them, whatever. I’m particularly fond of gel pens…especially the ones with sparkles or glitter in the ink.  Who knew I was such a girly girl?  (And apparently Lucy has picked up on this, as she immediately made for the big box of shiny gel pens when we went out school shopping for Connor.  And yes, I bought them.)

Also randomly, a big fat boo to Dell for sending me a replacement monitor that was worse than the one I have.  Now I have to hang at home for *another* day (Wednesday) for the second one to be delivered…and best of all, I have to arrange pickup for two.  *eyeroll*

Bah.  I’m going to go back to reading the latest Realms of Fantasy now, and wait for this 1TB hard drive to finish formatting.

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