Small Writings

In between all the other things I’ve been doing lately, I finally gave in and started writing a short story. (Very short – probably less than 3000 words). Not sure if it’s going to go anywhere, and I’m feeling rather shy about it, honestly. I wouldn’t call it a secret story, but it’s definitely a subject that’s always meant a great deal to me. And yes, I’m going to be cryptic and not say what it is just yet. Sounds silly and superstitious, but sometimes it feels like if I say too much too soon, the magic kind of dies away and I no longer feel the urge to finish.

It’s been good, though. Very low pressure – and after the last several weeks of writing queries and submission letters, it’s nice to just do something *fun*. It’s blessedly free of any the trappings of my previous stories, so there’s nothing weighing down the writing. (Oh, crap, can’t say *that*, it doesn’t mesh with the timeline, etc.)
Backspace has a flash fiction contest they do monthly. If I get it done in a few weeks, maybe I’ll toss it over that way. If not, that’s OK too.
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