Getting ready…

So I sent my first few requests to the agents I pitched to. It’s just the standard 1st 3 chapters plus a synopsis, so nothing major there. Of course this was compounded by the fact that Word 2007 decided to start eating my files. Including my synopsis and part of my master word file. And yes, I back things up. Frequently – but for some reason, anything that I had had open as a .docx and resaved as a .doc to send to someone else got corrupted. Definitely something to do with the XML tables, and I could not recover them. I was *not* happy, but thankfully some of my beta readers had the content I needed and I’m back on board. And completely paranoid. I’ve resaved all the .docx files into .docs and saved them in multiple places. I may even upload them to google docs one of these days, although the thought of having a finished manuscript sitting up there in the aether really kinda bugs me, so maybe I won’t.

The rest of the editing is going pretty well, just not quite as fast as I’d like. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised in reading it over at just how much I’m liking it. There have been moments where I’ve actually forgotten that I’m the one who wrote it. Very strange sensation, to be sure. However, I am coming across some rather interesting plot holes. I think I can fix them with a little creative thinking, so I’m not overly worried about it. I suppose this is one of the issues of being a “panster”, but I’ll manage.

In either case, I was hoping to get a another request out the door today – via snail mail, but that’s going to have to wait until tomorrow. Today’s portion of the Exchange migration has eaten into all my time…barely a chance to breathe (and blog!) let alone hoof it to the post office.

Tonight, it’s house cleaning. I’m heading to the Great White North on Thursday, and I think I really need to help mr myn out a bit more and get the place somewhat livable again before I leave. And then maybe some editing, but I think more realistically I’ll be devouring the new Sookie Stackhouse novel. (Assuming mr myn is the dear I know he is and picks it up for me some point this afternoon.)

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