Ha! I’m still hoping to pitch to *someone* at RT at the end of April, but I’m starting to realize my chances of having the WiP done by then are probably nonexistent. Actually, I might have the rough done, but it certainly won’t be edited enough for any kind of submission. Which isn’t really the point of pitching anyway – as far as I understand, you don’t actually show up with a finished manuscript – you just ‘pitch’ the idea and if the agent/editor/publisher or whoever likes it, they tell you to send them a few chapter or whatever. Doesn’t mean anything except that it’s no longer an unsolicited manuscript, so in theory, you have a better shot.

So I’ll need to practice that, I guess. On the other hand, I have to admit I feel like a total doofus trying to explain the ins and outs of my story with a straight face. Don’t get me wrong – I love the story – but I’m a bit of a closet geek these days. So, how on earth does an agent keep from rolling their eyes when someone comes to them with an idea of a story that involves time-traveling, tentacle-dicked cowboys? Ok, so mine doesn’t have any tentacle dicks, but it does have an incubus and an ass-biting unicorn. It bothers me really. If I can’t take my own work seriously, how can I possibly expect anyone else to? And maybe that’s a misnomer – I do take my work seriously – how else to explain my *cough* unflagging dedication to trying to crank the fucker out until 1 am nearly every night? But I can’t help it if I have visions of the conversation going something like:

“Um, ok, yeah, so like there’s this incubus dude and he’s got a problem, so he shows up at this used bookstore…”

*thwack* == {Epic Fail}
Next GoTo *PWNED!*

Erm yes. I’ll just be going now…

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