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We’re All In This Together…Alone

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I stumbled across this Tumblr site a few weeks ago called Hey Author. Whoever runs it is clearly an author, a reader, or someone who is fairly deep into the author culture on Twitter/Facebook. (And obviously has a bug up their ass about self-publishing).  But as biting and obnoxious as some of the observations are, there’s a ring of truth to them too.  (Some of them are completely over the top, but still – I’ve been “guilty” of several of them.) I’m guessing the author of the tumblr is trying to point out that these “writer problems” are pretty low on the list of real world issues.  (But I suspect most artistic problems are. Writers aren’t the only groups who self-wank themselves into thinking they’ve got an emergency out of nothing – lots of artists do it too. Hell, most self-insulated groups do it, from the HOA to the PTA… Read more

Socialize What?

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A couple of years ago when I first started the whole writing gig, I got sucked into the social networking game. It was the big thing – start the platform before you have the product so that people would know who I was. I’ll leave the analysis of whether that’s a good or a bad thing up to other people. Short story is, for all that I’m somewhat of a introvert in real life, I actually do enjoy the social aspects of blogging and tweeting and all the rest of it. (Maybe it’s that whole I was a middle-school geek vibe – behind the electronic curtain, I’m still a bit of a mess, but no one can really see that from where I’m standing. I can be as bold or ridiculous as I like. ) But still. When I first put my toe in the Twitter pool, it was more… Read more