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Author Q & A: Things You Should Know. And Maybe Shouldn’t Ask.

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Sometimes being a published author is a bit like being an animal in a zoo, particularly when it comes to family and friends. And I get that. There’s a certain mystique to being published  – one that’s being eroded on a daily basis, but for people who aren’t in the book industry in some fashion, it seems more mysterious as it is. But it also leads to questions and assumptions that are sometimes difficult to answer. Moreso because a lot of people don’t really want the whole truth. They want to hear about how there’s some magical formula that leads to instant success. Anyway, here’s a few I’ve run into – and I’m sure many of you have too. 1) How did you get published? On the surface – this should be easy to answer. I wrote a book and then I: a) self-pubbed b) queried/pitched to an agent/editor c) sacrificed 10… Read more