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Carniepunk Teaser

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So I’ve been reading through one of the Carniepunk arcs and I have to mention just how excited I am to have been included in this particular anthology. There’s some fabulous stuff in here – I don’t think anyone is going to be disappointed. 🙂 (On the flip side, I have to admit to feeling a tad intimidated that *my* story is in here. There’s always that odd little ripple of wondering if it’s really good enough? I suppose that might sound odd, but writer insecurity, I guess.) Anyway, thought I’d talk a little bit about the story – there may be some spoilers ahead, so you’re warned! Even though it technically is set in Abby’s world…it’s really a Melanie story. I know some people have wondered about certain things over the last few books – how Abby and Mel’s relationship was started, why Melanie and Brystion appear to have… Read more