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Hanging Out in Silence

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There’s this saying about friends and relationships – how the best ones are often punctuated by periods of comfortable silence. Not that it’s not great to chat and laugh and talk, but there’s something just as nice when there’s a natural lull in conversation and there’s no great rush to fill it. (And there’s a difference between comfortable and tension filled. I’ve been party to both and the latter is really uncool.) There’s a completely different sort of silence when the kids or pets are involved. Quiet is good. Silence is BAD. Like you just know that jar of Vaseline was opened and is now smeared all over the the carpet of a bedroom. (Fair cop – I did this when I was two. This sort of silence is *terrifying*) In today’s world of social media, silence feels like a lost art. We’re all so busy shouting our business to… Read more