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The Last Leg

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I’m in the last bits of the A Trace of Moonlight draft. 85k written – about another 15k to go. Though really, 100k is just the ballpark figure. A little more, a little less – it doesn’t really matter. I’ll be fleshing things out quite a bit as I restructure part of the plot, so I don’t worry about final counts until I’ve got something I’m actually happy with. I think the final word count for A Brush of Darkness was 102k when it went to print…A Sliver of Shadow exploded to about 117k at one point, but I narrowed it down to 110k at the end. (And I’d say the standard UF/PNR usually runs 90k to 120k for trad publishing. Epic fantasy can be longer, but it’s also harder to break into if a publisher doesn’t want to spend the extra print money.) When it comes down to it,… Read more